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July News

Hello everyone, it’s me, Reggie. I hope you haven’t given up on me because I haven’t written a blog since March. I’m sorry about that. Well, I’m back again to tell you our news because Ros has found time to help me.  Shearing and a forthcoming exhibition are my two biggest pieces of news! Ros […]

March News

Hello, gosh how time flies!…It’s March already. Ros is very excited, the yarn has been processed from our last year’s fleeces and it all arrived back at the Water Tower yesterday.That will keep her busy and out of mischief for a while….but I wonder what she will make? She says that she wants to get […]

February News

Well, it is the middle of February already, so time to say hello again. I have had a few people ask me recently, who is this person who is quietly making things from my, and my friends’ fleeces, so I thought I better tell you a bit about her. Her name is Ros… well actually […]

January News

Well, happy New Year everyone. This month I thought I would let each of us introduce ourselves. So I will go first: I am Reggie, I am the boss and my word is law. I am great friends with David – you see we are both the leaders of our own packs here at the […]

November News

Gosh this month feels quiet after the exhibition SEVEN MAKERS SEVEN VISIONS during the last week or so in October. We had so many lovely visitors come to see us in the field (we loved it – especially ‘show-off ‘Valiant, who thought it was great fun) and to see what was in the show. Ros […]

October News

Hello again Me and my pals are quite happy the weather is a bit cooler now and less horrible flies around. Also our coats are getting longer to keep us warm through winter which will be coming soon. We are also very excited that it won’t be long now before the marquee goes up in […]

Website Launch

Hi, I’m Reggie. I’m the boss alpaca here and my friends, Raffles, Truffle, Victor and Valiant and I are pleased to let you know that today we are launching our new website. Today is the day to coincide with announcing the exhibition which includes the first public showing of work made from our fleeces. Details […]

Hi I’m Reggie

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