November News

Well, it’s not very cold or wet yet and it’s already mid-November! Luckily though Ros is giving us our winter breakfast now… I’m going to keep quiet, in case she changes her mind. But what we hate most is very wet ground.

What other news? Ros has slowly got back to making in her studio after turning round from the September open weekend. She is very keen to do more dyeing of our fleece with plants and other things out of the garden or kitchen. Having successfully used onion skins with two different mordents, Ros remembered she had grown woad a few years back and had dyed a small amount of our coats… so she is secretly doing some experiments with it… watch this space. She has bought more woad seeds to plant in the spring as a start, but missed the walnuts this autumn to the squirrels.

Ros has recently joined International Felt Makers and Heritage Craft Associations… she is really interested in showing her work further now and keen to spread her wings in many ways. Also the Royal Birmingham Society of Arts has taken some of Ros’s scarves this month and sold one already… and ordered a few more… that’s got Ros moving faster in the studio! But it has meant we haven’t seen so much of her and it’s about time she did some more alpaca poo collecting. I know it helps make fantastic compost for the garden and veg patch, so it is really worth her while!… And we like to have tidy fields.

Enjoy the beautiful autumn colours everyone!

Best wishes,