September News

Hello everyone

It is mid September and it feels really autumnal already. Lovely colours out in our field, but best of all there have not been to many flies! We hate flies, especially horse flies, but not even those have been too bad this year.

Anyway September began well this year because Ros showed her latest creations at her friend Gina’s house……..all of them were made totally from our fleeces or nuno felted with silk or organza. Ros had a great weekend talking to people and selling quite a few things! If you didn’t manage to get to see her work, do contact us here and we can show you what she has left in her studio.

The next thing for Ros is to take our fleeces, from this year, to East Anglia Mill to be processed. First she has to go through them all getting rid of as much vegetation etc as possible….a long slow job. I expect she will have most of it made into yarn again for weaving.

More news next month…

All the best

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