February News

Well, it is the middle of February already, so time to say hello again.

I have had a few people ask me recently, who is this person who is quietly making things from my, and my friends’ fleeces, so I thought I better tell you a bit about her.

Her name is Ros… well actually when it is written down she prefers it to say – Rosalind Stoddart. She looks after us as well as pinching our coats every June to make beautiful things.

Ros has always enjoyed making things, whether it is drawing, painting, printing, sculpture or the textiles that she does now. She tells me even as a very young girl she spent much of her time with her best friend, Sarah, making dens to draw and paint in.

After school Ros went to art college for four years in London, wherever that may be, and then did a teaching course followed by teaching art in a secondary school. Soon though she became a full-time artist having exhibitions in the UK and abroad. She also started up two arts charities (Fermynwoods Contemporary Art and Deep Roots Tall Trees), but all of this was before I knew her.

Now she lives at the Water Tower with her husband David, Beau the cat, many hens, even more bees and us the alpacas. She spends quite a bit of her time in her studio making the lovely things you see on this website.

Hope the weather is warmer by the time I write the next blog.
Keep warm, Reggie.

(A more detailed CV of Rosalind Stoddart can be found on the page About the Work)

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