November News

Gosh this month feels quiet after the exhibition SEVEN MAKERS SEVEN VISIONS during the last week or so in October. We had so many lovely visitors come to see us in the field (we loved it – especially ‘show-off ‘Valiant, who thought it was great fun) and to see what was in the show. Ros was very pleased how people liked and bought her work made from our fleeces……in fact she can’t have a rest because she has to make nine more pieces of work commissioned from the exhibition. Our this year’s fleeces have not yet been made into yarn so it’s all rather difficult! But quite a nice problem to have sold so much of her things, that she has to make more. Ooooh!, we might become famous yet!

Anyway winter is on its way – we get breakfast every morning now the grass is not so lush and a new thing – Ros put straw down today in our shelter (Aunty Dawn gave it to her)! Oh that will be so cosy on a windy night. Also I think David has got someone to help him make the shelter larger. Last winter was SO horrid because of the constant days of rain for 7 months – it was horrid for our feet. We don’t mind the cold but that wet was very horrid indeed!